Wednesday, November 28, 2007

"Chekhov's Gun" (For Lexy)

by Karacan

The metal gun was beautiful to behold in its deadly simplicity. The
handle was of real ivory, and there were six bullets - compressed
silver death - in its barrel.

York knew this because he loaded it himself, and there was work to do
tonight that would require heavy armament.

In the end, he used a knife.


Alexandra Erin said...


Thanks for the dedication.


Karacan said...

I figured since I am stalking you across the net, I could as well dedicate a story to you. Especially one that doesn't take much time to write. :D

Um. Even if it has a typo. Is there any way you could rename the title to "Chekhov's Gun", Colin?

abbreviatedman said...

Sure thing, boss.