Monday, November 26, 2007

A Mermaid's Love

by Karacan

Amid the blood colored rays of the setting sun, the mermaid screamed in agony as the nails were driven into her flesh - yet she did not flee, for it was what she had asked for.

"My sacrifice shall always guide him", she whispered, the Captain's picture in her mind as her body turned to wood.


Alexandra Erin said...

Sacrificed herself by letting herself be nailed up? There's really only one thing to say: Jesus, that's gotta hurt. :P (And raises all sorts of disturbing questions about Statler and Waldorf in the Muppet Treasure Island movie.)

Karacan said...

Interestingly enough, I kept asking myself how Statler and Waldorf ended there. And then I asked myself where the mermaids went. And... well. That basically had been my thought process.

Alexandra Erin said...

Hee, that is sooo funny.

"Take a cruise, you said! See the world, you said!"