Thursday, March 27, 2008

Somebody Please Call a Plumber

by Jackson Ferrell

I came home Tuesday to find Wendy O. Koopa, 4"2', standing in my kitchen. "What's going on?" I blurted.

"What's it look like, idiot?" she replied. "I'm taking over."

"Like hell you are! I'll kick your shell six w—"

She drew a wand from her shell. I spent the next half-year as a cactus.


Kitabare said...

Ok, I must be getting old. I didn't catch it at first. I was thinking "Shell?"

And then I realized...

Well done. I'm just getting senile.

Jackson said...

Thank you. Originally, I wanted to have the narrator saying "I'll kick your pink shell..." but the constraints of the genre confounded me.

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Noah said...

Please come back?