Tuesday, October 20, 2009


by Ari Collins

We went to temple, but we weren't deeply religious. When I was eight, Dad got a job in a gentile neighborhood. After soccer practice one day, I went to Bobby Harper's house and had my first ham sandwich.

I was outraged. What god would forbid such a sandwich? And it went so well with mayonnaise.


trev said...

mmmmm...Ham. you have to figure, if he made the pig, he should have saw that temptation coming.

mazzz_in_Leeds said...

lol, brilliant!

Ari Collins said...

@trev totally. It's like the Tree of Knowledge paradox. Only... the Ham of Knowledge.

Thanks for the comments!

zhiguang said...

not to nit-pick, but it's mosque actually..

mosque = islamic place of worship, who believe eating pork is forbidden.

temple = buddhist and hindu place of worship, which doesn't say anything about pork.

Ari Collins said...

Well, granted, I'm only descended from Jews, not actually Jewish, but I'm pretty sure they don't eat pork either. And I'm pretty sure they go to temple. Your clue as to the religion is that "gentile" is Hebrew for non-Jew. (I was considering using "goy" but I ran it by a few people and fewer of them were familiar with the term.)