Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Forever for a While

by Ari Collins

The ball careened off Stegosaurus' tail into the bushes. "I hate mini golf," I said.

He bowed. "Allow me." He peered into the bushes, and I wanted badly to slap his ass. But not on a first date.

"Sweet!" he said. "There's, like, seven lost balls in here. We could play forever!"

And we did.


Jackson said...

Intriguing possible implications. Relatedly: I'm not sure whether the stegosaurus is a real stegosaurus or not.

Ari Collins said...

It's not real. Them's the perils of writing sci-fi too; you can't tell when the Stegosaurus is real or not.

Marisa Birns said...

First I thought he was speaking to Stegosaurus. But then it hit me, "why author has written a bit of slash." Yes?

You are correct. Nothing should be slapped on first date!

Ari Collins said...

If by slash you mean that the narrator is gay, then that's certainly an interpretation. I first imagined the narrator as a woman, but I like leaving the narrator's gender indeterminate sometimes.

If you meant something else, then sorry for putting words in your mouth.