Monday, January 14, 2008

Off The Wall

by Alexandra Erin

"So this one answers questions?" I asked.

"Any question," Bram said. "Try it."

"Hey, mirror," I said. "What number am I thinking of?"

"Uh, it has to rhyme," Bram said.

"That's not any question, then," I said. "Send it back... I've got shit to do. I don't have time to write poetry for a mirror."


Rob said...

Oh. You're one of those practical people.

Alexandra Erin said...

I'll spare you my usual Larry Niven quote about people who mistake a character for an author, but I personally would have kept the upside down mirror.

Carl Jeffries said...

Although the vampire one was pretty cool too. Not even for its vampire usage, but for the pure novelty of not seeing anyone in it.

I do like the practicality of the character in the face of these miraculous mirrors.

Rob said...

Arthur Conan Doyle wrote a poem about characters not being the same as their creator. I had a feeling that would be quoted at me when I posted my comment. I didn't know Larry Niven did the same. Interesting.