Thursday, November 12, 2009

Time Trial

by Ari Collins

Jutting her hip, Sheila raised the checkered flag. "Gentlemen, first to Anno Domini wins."

Speedy Marie rumbled beneath me. I stroked her chassis. "Shhh... no jealousy, now. Sheila can't match your speed, baby." She purred, satisfied.

The flag flew down and I twisted Marie's throttle, sending us lurching around the corner and into last week.


Ari Collins said...

Inspired by the Frank Black song "Speedy Marie":

Although who knows what Frank is actually singing about.

Jackson said...

It is stuff like this that made me originally join 50wordstory on Livejournal. This is awesome.

Ari Collins said...

Thanks! God I love pulp sci-fi sometimes.

Ari Collins said...

Sometimes being when it's done well. Or by me.