Friday, January 11, 2008

Prime Nocere

by Robert Gryfft

Her family will be devastated. I'll have to tell her mother, explain what happened, that we did everything possible. I think of their tears. I think of the endless hours of paperwork.

Decision time. I look into her eyes; she knows.

It's worth it.

I pretend I can't find the vein.

Just another few seconds.


Karacan said...

Hmmm... ritual murderer or suicide-helper? Well, I suppose that's the question anyway.

Rob said...

The title is a hint at the original direction this story took, and it's interesting that in order to preserve the themes, I wound up blurring the setting and implications about the main character (at least as far as the feedback I've seen says.) Which is okay as long as it's still creepy. As long as my themes are intact.

I'd like to note real quick that I'm really not a creepy person, this stuff just comes to me.